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Vein Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy / Spider Veins
Have those ugly “spider” veins on your legs been bothering you? Are you embarrassed to wear shorts or skirts in public? If you are a little shy about your legs – NOW is the best time to come in for a treatment so that you can start to show off those legs!!! Getting rid of unwanted leg veins has never been easier.

For over 150 years, a technique known as sclerotherapy has been utilized to treat unwanted spider and reticular veins on the body. Sclerotherapy involves injecting hypertonic agent into the offending vein. These solutions work by injuring the inside of the blood vessel which causes the blood vessel to clot over time and shrink. This blood vessel will then be replaced with your own tissue.

Injections of hypertonic solution are the “gold standard” and are superior to lasers for the treatment of spider veins. Sclerosing agents get to the “root” of the problem and actually stop “feeder veins” from causing more spider veins and/or larger varicose veins. 

Multiple treatments of hypertonic injections are needed to see dramatic improvement in spider veins.