Benefits of Beautifill Laser Liposuction

Beautifill Laser is an advanced liposculpture technology that eliminates hard-to-lose fat and tightens skin simultaneously. Traditional liposculpture techniques and technologies zero in on eliminating fat cells from your physique but commonly leave behind loose skin in the treated areas.

However, with Beautifill’s safe laser technology, the thermal energy triggers skin contraction and new collagen production. This natural process allows for your skin to better contour your newly sculpted areas – showcasing a more toned physique. As a board-certified physician, Dr. Mylissa Graber MD, FACEP has over 15 years of experience helping her patients achieve their ideal aesthetic appearance; and she can do the same for you! If you have stubborn, hard-to-shed fat around your body, please schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Mylissa at our Delray Beach offices. To speak with our friendly front desk staff, call us at (561) 330-9444.

Stubborn, Hard-To-Lose Fat

Although undesirable for a toned, fit physique, fat plays an important role in keeping our body’s metabolism and physiology healthy. Fat cells contain triglycerides which are highly energetic molecules we absorb from the foods we eat. The body keeps these molecules on standby, ready to use when we need more energy.[1] However, healthcare professionals have known for over 40 years that too much fat – to the point of obesity – results in an elevated risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other comorbidities.[2] So, when it comes to how much fatty tissue we have in our body, there is a happy medium. Many people start to eat well and lead a more active lifestyle only to see their fat loss plateau over time. This stalemate is due to the subcutaneous fat that blankets our muscles. Subcutaneous fat is used to prevent dermal infection, regulate heat loss, and serve as a protective cushion for vital organs.[3] Because the body utilizes this fat differently from other types of fat cells, it is often resistant to traditional fat-loss methods.

Benefits of Beautifill

Shed Fat 

The Beautifill laser is a 1 mm-sized cannula that generates heat up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. This precisely measured thermal energy is absorbed by the fatty tissue. At this optimal temperature, only the fat cells absorb the thermal energy, leaving the surrounding cells and tissue unaffected. When the fat cells’ membranes experience thermal damage, an excess of  water rushes to the cells, causing them to rupture.[4] This is the liquefaction process. Because Beautifill’s laser is so small, it can reach tighter, harder-to-reach areas around the body. It can also treat smaller pockets of fat cells around the abdomen, arms, and sides. 

Tighten Skin

Unlike other liposuction approaches, Beautifill also tightens the overlying skin. When the cannula is inserted into the target area, the thermal energy from the laser melts and ruptures the subdermal bands between the fat and the skin. This liberates the retracted skin and remodels the connective tissue.[4] Over the next couple of days and weeks, the body sends fresh restorative proteins like collagen and elastin fibers. This process leads to tighter skin that continues to improve long after your Beautifill procedure!

Less Downtime

With traditional liposuction techniques, patients often see longer recovery times because they lose a significant amount of blood during the operation.  In contrast, Beautifill’s liquefaction effect causes the blood vessels to coagulate, resulting in less bleeding. Also, typically, liposuction involves damage to surrounding areas due to the trauma caused by the repeated back and forth motion of the cannula. However, Beautifill’s laser doesn’t agitate the tissue which leads to less trauma involved in the treated areas.[5] Studies have shown that patients can return to their normal daily activities within 1.5 days after their procedure.[6]

Fat Transfer

The fat that was liposuctioned away during your procedure can then be purified and used as a dermal filler. As we age, the contours on our face can weaken, resulting in loose, sagging skin around our jawline or hollow areas under our eyes. To give these areas a natural boost, we use Beautifill to extract fat cells from various parts of the body and relocate them subcutaneously around the face. This process results in a brighter, more even, and youthful appearance!


For those interested in Beautifill laser liposuction, please don’t hesitate to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Mylissa. Typically, patients who have benefitted the most from Beautifill are those who are:

  • Healthy but need help with pockets of unwanted fat
  • New mothers interested in shedding their baby weight
  • People at the end of their weight loss journey who need help with stubborn fat around their abdomen, sides, legs, and arms. 

Please note: this is not a weight loss surgery but rather a fat loss treatment. Patients should maintain a healthy, stable weight before their procedure.

Personal Consultation

Beautifill Laser Liposuction Del Ray

Dr. Mylissa Graber has practiced for more than 15 years in emergency and aesthetic medicine. Because of her expert background as a physician, Dr. Mylissa can treat all types of patients from any walk of life. She is proud and honored to assist all of her patients in achieving their desired physical appearance and is happy to speak to you on an individual basis. 

We will begin your consultation with a brief new patient intake interview and a physical examination. Then, we will listen to your ideal aesthetic. Commonly, patients point to fat around their midsection or arms and note how their faces have lost their youthful fullness. They also explain how they’ve tried certain diets or exercise regimens but haven’t always been satisfied with their fat loss results. After she understands your areas of concern, Dr. Mylissa will explain how a Beautifill procedure works. She will explain what type of fat loss is possible and lay out clear, realistic expectations for your time in our care. If you and Dr. Mylissa determine that Beautifill is right for you, she will construct a personalized treatment plan. Before you leave our care, we will give you a list of preparatory steps that you need to adhere to between now and the day of your procedure. 


To prepare best for your procedure, it is important to:

  • Discontinue taking any blood-thinning medications such as ibuprofen or Advil as these will work against the Beautifill laser and can cause excessive bleeding.
  • Avoid smoking as nicotine constricts blood vessels and hampers the body’s natural healing ability.
  • Designate a caregiver to drive you home. Beautifill does use local anesthesia but you might not be comfortable enough to drive yourself home. 

Recovery & Results

Since Beautifill is performed under local anesthesia, you will be able to recover quicker right after your treatment. We recommend you go home and spend the next day or two solely focusing on proper rest and recovery. We will have the treated tissue wrapped in a compression bandage to promote optimal healing. During your follow-up visits, we will examine where your body is in the healing process and determine if any other measures need to be taken to help you in your recovery. 

Another Fat Loss Treatment

For those interested in fat loss treatment but don’t want an invasive procedure, we recommend CoolSculpting. In recent years, CoolSculpting has radically grown in popularity due to its efficiency at shedding hard-to-lose fat. Opposite to Beautifill, the CoolSculpting device plunges fat cells to sub-freezing temperatures where the fat cells experience cell death. The frozen fat cells dislodge from their connective tissue and are eliminated from the body through the body’s excretory system. CoolSculpting is advantageous because the patient simply lies down and lets the CoolSculpting device disrupt their fatty tissue. After only a 30 minute session, you are free to leave our care and jump back into your daily routine!

How Much Does Beautifill Lipo Cost in Delray Beach?

The cost of your Beautifill procedure will vary depending on the number of places treated during your treatment. We will determine the cost of your individualized treatment during your consultation. If you would like to learn about our financing options, please call our front desk at (561) 330-9444.


What is Beautifill Laser Liposuction?

Beautiful is a liposculpture technology that uses a safe and gentle laser to liquify fat cells. The Beautifill laser has a cannula attached that then extracts the treated fat cells, leaving behind a slimmer, more toned area. Also, the thermal energy from the laser causes skin contraction. Unlike traditional liposuction, Beautiful tightens the overlying skin and stimulates new, healthy collagen and elastin fibers. This process helps the treated area look better defined and contoured.


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