Rosacea Treatment

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Rosacea Treatment in Delray Beach, FL

Dr. Mylissa’s Medical Boutique offers a GentleMax Pro laser to treat rosacea around your nose, cheeks, and forehead. Call us today or schedule an appointment online; we are located at 1441 S. Congress Avenue Delray Beach, FL 33445.

Rosacea isn’t something you have to live with. There are treatments available, like laser treatment, which can be long-term solutions for many patients, offering relief from both the discomfort and the unsightliness of rosacea. At Dr. Mylissa’s Medical Boutique, you’ll be able to get rosacea treatment in Delray Beach, FL. Contact us today or keep reading to learn more about our treatments and whether one of them could be the solution you’ve been longing for!

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a kind of chronic condition, as it lasts for longer than several months, and sometimes can last indefinitely. The condition affects the skin on a patient’s face, and while it isn’t serious, it can be very uncomfortable and unsightly, causing redness, dilated blood vessels (spider veins), pimples, and/or pustules. It can even cause skin to thicken around the nose area or become inflamed around the eyes. Many people just don’t find the symptoms of rosacea acceptable, so they seek relief and treatment.

How Do You Clear Up Rosacea?

There are a number of ways to address rosacea, and one or more might work well for you. Topical treatments, like gels, creams, and lotions, are a possibility. They’re applied directly onto the skin. Azelaic acid can work for some patients, while brimonidine may work for others. Treatments like these can take several weeks to work. There are some side effects with topical treatments, like skin dryness or irritation, but these tend to be pretty mild.

Rosacea Treatment in Delray Beach, FL

Some patients with facial rosacea might benefit from avoiding certain triggers like stress, sunlight exposure, certains types of foods, and other triggers. Some people suffer from rosacea that affects the eyes, and for these people, eye drops/artificial tears can help.

For more advanced cases of facial rosacea, a doctor can prescribe oral medications. Flushing and redness caused by rosacea could be addressed with an oral medication that constricts blood vessels. Pimples and pustules could be addressed with oral antibiotics. However, the problem with treating rosacea with medications is that they can have side effects many patients will want to avoid. A better option for these patients and many others is light therapy (phototherapy) with laser treatment.

What is the Best Treatment for Rosacea?

Perhaps the best treatment for rosacea is laser treatment. It can significantly reduce the dilated blood vessels with rosacea, as well as the appearance of rosacea. The particular kind of laser treatment we use here at Dr. Mylissa’s Medical Boutique is a vascular laser treatment, and it works by targeting the dilated blood vessels that cause the redness and flushing associated with rosacea.

The treatment we use is called the GentleMax Pro laser system. It uses a Dynamic Cooling Device to protect the treatment area with a cooling burst of cryogen, and this minimizes the potential side effects for the patient. By treating the blood vessels themselves, the laser system addresses the cause of the symptoms of rosacea and relieves them very effectively. You can be just as confident as we are that the system will work well for you!

Do you Offer Rosacea Treatment in Delray Beach, FL?

Yes, we do! Here at Dr. Mylissa’s Medical Boutique, you’ll be able to get any number of treatments for your rosacea, including the GentleMax Pro laser treatment. To find out whether laser treatment or another treatment would be right for you, contact us today here at our med spa. We’re located at 1441 S. Congress Avenue Delray Beach, FL 33445, or call us today. At that number, you’ll be able to book a consultation with us, or you can do so online.

We hope to hear from you soon and help you with your rosacea once and for all!