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Men's Botox South Florida

Men’s medical spa services are custom-tailored treatments that address the common complaints from men that want to look and feel more vibrant and rejuvenated. 

Feel Great and Age Elegantly 

Men experience many challenges as they age. Whether the issue is a receding hairline, loss of energy and libido, sun-damaged skin, unwanted weight gain, or more, men experience just as many age-related conditions as women. Untreated conditions can cause stress and place a strain on relationships. Men’s med spa services are not just for women; men can also benefit greatly. Men deserve to look and feel their best as they enter their midlife prime. 

Dr. Mylissa’s Medical Boutique is excited to expand our suite of medical spa services for men.

Dr. Mylissa Graber and her experienced staff of licensed medical estheticians and electrologists can customize medical spa (or medspa, med spa) treatments to address the full range of issues that concern men. Our Men’s Med Spa Program continues to grow in popularity as more men discover that you can thrive at any age. When you’re ready to learn more about how we tailor med spa services for men, schedule a consultation today. You can reach our South Florida office at (561) 330-9444.

About Men’s Med Spa Services in South Florida

Men's Med Spa South Florida

Men want to look younger, more masculine, regain the energy levels of youth, and revitalize their spirits. We provide a wide range of med spa services that can improve many conditions associated with male aging.

Aesthetic procedures continue to rise in popularity. The social environment grows more receptive and understanding of aesthetic procedures every year. The social stigma attached to cosmetic enhancement has dissipated in the age of selfies and social media.[1] Men should no longer feel embarrassed about a desire to enhance their appearance.

Medspa Benefits

The benefits of med spa services for men are as varied as the conditions that men might experience. If you’ve never looked into medical spa services before, you might be surprised at the wide range of treatments we offer. We can help men improve their libido and sex drive. Varicose veins, age spots, and damaged skin can all be improved and resolved with careful medical spa treatments. With our medspa services, you can restore your skin’s youthful glow, reduce wrinkles and facial creases, and revitalize your energy levels.

Eligible Candidates & Preparation

Just about every man can benefit from at least one of our medspa services at some point in their lives. Each procedure has its own set of criteria so it’s important to have a consultation to determine your eligibility. Make sure you inform Dr. Mylissa about  any medication you are taking and any other treatments or activities that might affect treatment. For instance, if you work outdoors without UV protection or if you take blood pressure medication. Make sure to follow any instructions provided to you before your treatment.

Your Consultation at Dr. Mylissa’s Medical Boutique

Great stories have great beginnings. Where you are at now doesn’t have to be where you end up. Your story of revitalization and rejuvenation begins with an open and honest consultation at Dr. Mylissa’s Medical Boutique. Depending on the condition you want to resolve, you will converse with Dr. Mylissa or one of our medical estheticians and electrologists. Dr. Mylissa has over 15 years of experience in emergency medicine and aesthetic medicine. She possesses a passion for helping patients achieve all their goals. Her team of licensed estheticians and electrologists share that passion to assist male patients in fulfilling all their aspirations, whether they be aesthetic, functional or both.

During your consultation, you’ll be asked to share your medical history, your goals for treatment, your expectations, and any other relevant information. By getting to know who you are, we can devise the best treatment strategy for your circumstances. Contact our South Florida office today and we can set you up with a consultation.

Men’s Med Spa Services We Offer

Below are just some of our popular medspa services that might benefit our male patients If you have a concern that isn’t able to be addressed by the procedures below, don’t hesitate to call our South Florida office at (561) 330-9444 and ask our staff about how we can help you resolve any issues you’re experiencing.

Testosterone Replacement

Testosterone Replacement Treatment South Florida

Men go through hormonal changes as they age. It is a condition called andropause, though it’s slightly different than what women experience in their twilight years. Andropause differs from menopause because it represents a gradual reduction in testosterone levels rather than the more abrupt change that women experience. Hormonal changes for men can be tricky because they creep up. Testosterone replacement therapy can help stabilize testosterone and hormone levels. With testosterone replacement, men can increase energy, increase libido, resolve moodiness and/or depression, help with shedding unwanted weight, and more. Testosterone therapy can even help delay hair loss.

Botox for Men

Men develop just as many wrinkles and facial creases with age as women do. Botox can resolve and smooth facial wrinkles caused by muscle tension. Botox, a neuromodulator, works by interrupting nerve signals to facial muscles. Facial muscles relax and do not form wrinkles from muscle tension or repeated contractions. Botox is most effective on upper facial wrinkles such as forehead lines, crow’s feet around the eyes, and frown lines.

Medically Supervised Weight-Loss Program

weight loss south florida

New diets seem to arise every year. Some people can effectively lose weight by adhering to a diet regimen at home. However, other people find that despite their best efforts, the latest fad diet doesn’t work for them. In these cases, it can be beneficial to participate in a medically supervised diet program. This means your progress is monitored by a medical professional who can assess your blood work on an ongoing basis and make recommendations based on how your body responds to dieting restrictions. This custom-tailored approach to dieting tends to be more efficient and effective than simply following whatever diet current men’s magazines advertise.

IV Infusions

Athletes and other participants in high-intensity activities have long experienced the benefits of intravenous nutrient infusions. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to neglect a diet that provides consistent nourishment. IV infusions focus on supplying your body with the nutrients it needs to operate on an optimal level. Infusions can include calcium, zinc, selenium, magnesium, glutathione, folic acid, and vitamins. Different formulations are available based on your specific needs.

Kybella Double Chin Correction

double chin reduction south florida

A common condition that affects many men as they age is excess skin under the chin. This is commonly known as a double chin. In the past, the only treatment for a double chin was surgery. But new advances in nonsurgical aesthetic medicine provide a new FDA-approved solution. Kybella is an injectable treatment that dissolves fat deposits under the chin. Now, you don’t need a chin lift to resolve that double chin. Ask about Kybella if you want to reduce that excess skin.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are a class of injectables that are primarily used to reduce wrinkles, add volume to different regions of the face, and offer nonsurgical facial contouring. Ask about the full range of dermal fillers we offer that can rejuvenate your facial features and boost your self-confidence.

Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal south florida

Unwanted tufts of hair are a common issue for men as they age. We employ the latest technology in laser hair removal to help men who seek smoother skin

Tattoo Removal

Aging comes with changing tastes and preferences. The awesome ship tattoo of your 20s might now resemble a broken-down barnacle barge. If you want to refresh your skin and eliminate that tattoo from college, we offer laser tattoo removal.

Men’s Facials

Men's Facial South Florida

Facials offer numerous benefits for male patients. They have proven very effective at removing blackheads and treating acne. Professional treatments exfoliate the skin more effectively than home treatments, resulting in improved skin tone and texture. They are great at relaxing patients and helping to relieve stress from everyday life. We are seeing more and more men request a facial for these reasons.

Removal of Age Spots and Skin Lesions

Age spots and skin lesions are common in a region like South Florida, with so many events and activities going on under the sun. We offer several treatments, including dermabrasions and laser therapy, that can resolve age spots and skin lesions depending on your specific circumstances.

Varicose Vein Removal

Varicose Vein Removal South Florida

Varicose veins are the bulging, visible veins that appear on legs and feet as we age. Varicose veins can sometimes cause discomfort or increase the risk of some medical conditions such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Varicose vein removal can remove the veins and improve your skin tone and texture restoring your legs to a more desirable state.

Scar Treatments

Scars are a common issue that many men want to resolve. While some people might find scars sexy, that’s only if you like the placement of the scar. Usually, we can’t choose where scars form. Scars in undesirable locations can cause a loss of self-confidence. We offer scar treatments to help resolve unwanted scarring and help you regain lost confidence.


Economist Daniel Hamermesh found that attractive people can earn 3-4% more in salary.[2][3] There is a premium placed on looking your best. Medspa services for men can help strengthen their appearance by removing the undesirable consequences of aging and restoring more preferable, youthful characteristics. 

How Much Do Male Medspa Services Cost in South Florida?

We devise every treatment plan based on each man’s unique circumstances and condition. After your consultation, we can develop your individualized treatment plan and provide you with complete pricing.


What is a medical spa?

A medical spa combines the tranquil experience of a spa with the aesthetic procedures that medical professionals perform.

What’s the difference between a med spa and a day spa?

Med spas can go beyond the types of services offered at day spas and include medical-grade treatments from injectables to laser and light treatments. This means a med spa can produce noticeably better results than what a day spa can offer.


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